One of the best debut new age vocal albums of the year(and one of the best-produced) is DARE TO DREAM by the duo Unleashed Dreams. The team is Lindsey Gaye Walker (a British/Canadian singer-songwriter, and transformational life coach) and Sean Michael Paddison (a Canadian pianist/keyboardist, composer and music arranger/producer/ engineer). Walker trained in musical theatre in London while Paddison became an in-demand remix specialist working on songs by Michael Jackson, Vanilla Ice, Black Box, Digital Underground and Suzanne Vega.

Walker’s vocals are pure and passion-filled. The Paddison production on DARE TO DREAM is incredibly rich and varied, simply superb as he often compiles up to 300 tracks on some songs giving the textures and depth similar to Enya and Secret Garden. The album contains nine vocal songs and three instrumentals. The music ranges from the powerful soul-searching “Deep” to the joyful, upbeat “Dare To Dream Again” and “A New Day.” “Resonance” has great rhythms, guitars and a male-female duet.

Unleashed Dreams specifically creates music not only to entertain and please the listener, but also to raise their consciousness, awaken needs and desires, plant guideposts for their transformative journey, and encourage making their dreams their reality. Dive deep into this album and you will not be disappointed.

Rating: Excellent

- Zone Music Reporter

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