Unleashed Dreams — Dare to Dream

As most of our regular patrons are already aware, we periodically review other projects other than smooth jazz if they are well-done and worthy of a review. That includes new age, World, Latin, and blues. Because of the universal beauty of music, it would be a travesty not to embrace all great music. Here, we are reviewing an absolutely refreshing and beautiful new age project from a duo calling itself Unleashed Dreams. The moving, motivational consciousness-raising debut release Dare to Dream is full of spiritually soothing offerings that are bathed in celestial melodies and mood. This is truly time-out music that calls upon one to reflect and engage in abundant introspection.

Led by the sweet and lilting vocals of one Lindsey Gaye Walker, the album sails along on silken wings as it takes you by the hand to soar to the very heights of your imagination and dreams. It’s a positive album, appealing to your better angels and sense of enhancing your very existence.

It doesn’t hurt that Walker is a transformational life coach, and it shows here. Her partner, Sean Michael Paddison, is a composer/producer/pianist/background vocalist. They are perfectly paired for this venture.

Tracks like “Deep,” “Dare to Dream Again,” “Trust (and Let Go)” are but a preview into this album’s magnetic impact. To enjoy them and the others here, you must first be in that receptive, relaxed place within yourself.

Take the time to absorb the delicate allure of this recording that deviates from the path of smooth jazz in such a manner as to not only please but rejuvenate. In our era of unrest everywhere, this is the type of “tonic” we need.

– Ronald Jackson

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